“Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it a form.”

– Jean-Luc Godard
Photo by S O C I A L C U T, Unsplash

This section is about stories on digital nomadism. It’s about news stories on the topic. It’s about stories told by digital nomads themselves. It’s about stories by researchers who work on this phenomenon. And it’s about stories written in blogs, commentaries and conversation pieces.

The flow of information on digital nomadism is constant and every day there are several news pieces, blog posts, or some other stuff that deals with digital nomadism, popping up in the social media. As I come across them, I will update them in this section.

So here you can find: news stories published in major English-speaking journals (and some others) about digital nomadism; podcasts with nomads and other people like researchers studying digital nomadism or yet with people who offer services to digital nomads; links to interesting blogs, and other random stuff on digital nomadism that I found interesting. So if you wanna know what the media and others are saying about digital nomadism, look no more!