Academic publications

Below I have listed academic publications that I have come across on digital nomadism and on digital nomads. They deal with various topics, such as the division between work and leisure, identity and belonging, entrepreneurship, what digital nomad life looks like and so forth. For statistics and some reports, please click here.

Photo by Ed Robertson, Unsplash

This list is by no means exhaustive and I will be updating it as I come across more sources. Unfortunately, many of the articles are behind a paywall, meaning that you need to have a university subscription to be able to access them. Regardless, if you are interested in one particular paper, you can have always access to the abstracts by googling the title and the author to get the main idea.


Al-Hadi, Nehad Ali & Saif Al-Aufi, Ali (2019) Information context and socio-technical practice of digital nomads. Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication.

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