Other stuff

This section includes random stuff that I have come across concerning digital nomads and digital nomadism. Below you’ll find a listing of different websites and blogs for and by digital nomads themselves as well as webinars and different events aimed at digital nomads.

Photo by RetroSupply (Unsplash)

Websites for and by digital nomads

Nomadlist, www.nomadlist.com

“Nomad List is a technology company that builds the infrastructure for people to live anywhere in the world. Millions of people use our software to travel and move to new places and connect with people there.”


Digital Nomad World, https://digitalnomads.world/

“We are an intimate community collaborating in order to help each other. Sharing stories, knowledge, advice and special moments. Enjoy the most extensive city guides written by fellow nomads and contribute from your own experience to help us all stay up to date. You’ll find everything you need right here, from recommended online courses to remote job offers and of course tips from other Digital Nomads.”


Nomad Guide, https://nomadguide.eu/

“Life, travel, work remotely in Europe”


A Brother Abroad, https://abrotherabroad.com/digital-nomad-blog/

“Hey!  I’m Carlos!  Five years ago I left on a round the world backpacking trip that was supposed last 9 months, and never turned back.  Along the way I freelanced, studied, and eventually built a digital business that follows me everywhere I go, giving me the time and location freedom I’ve always wanted.  In this digital nomad blog, I share everything I’ve learned over the past five years that empowers me to earn a living on the road using the digital economy.”


Digital Nomad Girls, https://digitalnomadgirls.com/

“Launched in August 2015 as a Facebook Group for female digital nomads, aspiring entrepreneurs and freedom lovers, we are a quickly growing movement of nearly 50,000 girls around the world.”


Become nomad, https://becomenomad.com/

“Are you considering becoming a nomad? Constantly changing locations in a sustainable way is possible yet challenging. The BecomeNomad Blog and Podcast are here to help you make this lifestyle a reality.”


Outsite blog, https://www.outsite.co/blog

“Work anywhere. Live differently. Beautiful places to stay, designed for remote workers.”


Photo by Jaime Lopes (Unsplash)

Webinars, events, summits, activities, etc

Webinar by Island Innovation, “Adapting Tourist Destinations For Remote Workers & Digital Nomads In 2021”

“The trend of remote workers and digital nomads was on rise over the last 5 years, but has accelerated dramatically due to the pandemic. This virtual session features presentations from speakers representing destinations across the world that have the potential to adapt their economies through the substantial global growth in remote work, including ways in which these destinations are actively engaged in attracting remote workers.”


Digital Nomad Summit 2022, https://thedigitalnomadsummit.com/

“Largest conference for digital nomads, remote workers & location independent entrepreneurs.”


Bansko Nomad Fest 2022, 26.6.-3.7.2022, Bulgaria, https://banskonomadfest.com/

“A celebration of location-independent lifestyle and nomad mindset. For one week hundreds of nomads, remote workers and freelancers will take over a beautiful village in Bulgaria for an amazing mix of presentations, workshops, sports, mindfulness and nature.”


NomadBase Live Croatia, 9-15 May 2022,

Check also the documentary, “A Story of Nomad Cruise with 492 Digital Nomads on Board” (about 16 minutes, released 22.2.2019)