Academic stuff

Photo by Andrew Neel, Unsplash

Welcome to the section on “academic stuff”! A couple of years back, when I started to look for information on digital nomadism, I can’t say that I was overwhelmed by the number of academic papers and reports on the topic. The number of academic studies on digital nomadism have been steadily growing, similarly to the number of news stories published by the media.

During the past two years, there are more and more papers published in academic journals, and books and reports that are based on research on the topic. I know of several PhD studies that are currently being conducted on this, and of an increasing number of scholars who are, as we speak, collecting data on digital nomadism. So, it is safe to say that we will see more and more interests towards digital nomadism and work-related life-style mobilities in the years to come. All these evidence the growing interest towards digital nomadism in the academia.

So in this section, you’ll find links to…

I’ll also be updating the stats, articles and events as I come across them. Enjoy!